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Ah I really don't use this thing anymore.

I was listening to The Little Ones and this one song ("Oh MJ") reminds me of this site. Not any connection in lyrics or anything, just that I listened to that song a lot back in the day when I posted on this frequently. So, I decided to pay a visit.

I have been pursued by a very cute girl, and we are now dating. We've been going to school together for forever, had the same art class, etc. Actually, she's the one who introduced me to the L Word. But we never really hung out or anything, and I didn't even think she was gay (she had a boyfriend she was with for forever). But we're in the same human sexuality class and we made plans to hang out, she mentioned she was bi, I mentioned I was single (she thought I was still dating C... pfft), and then a couple days later she asks me to go on a picnic with her.

She said she liked me, and I said let's start dating, and it's been going great. She's soo sweet and funny and pretty. We get along fantatically. We've been spending a load of time together, it's been great. Ah, it's just so nice that I was pursued for once, instead of me being all gah-gah with nothing in return.

Word got around about us dating quickly, haha. I'm sure no one saw this coming. Hell, I didn't. She had a long term boyfriend of nearly 3 years (and their still living together, with her mom and brother. It's not wierd, though, I'll explain another time) and never really said a word to anybody about liking girls until recently. She's been a part from the boyfriend for 2 months or more now. Yeah.

So, that's my life.


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Welcome back. :)

I'm happy for you. ^^

Pshhhh. The only people who ever like me are clingy and annoying. Not like I-want-to-stab-you annoying but if-I-see-you-every-day-I-will annoying. D:

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congrats on the girl! nice

congrats on the girl! nice to see you on the site again.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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Yes, long time no see. Glad

Yes, long time no see. Glad to hear things are going well and it's lovely to have you back. Stick around and keep up updated.