Fried Green Tomatoes

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I was just watching the movie Fried Green Tomatoes with my mom. It's one of my favourite movies. I love it:) I pretty much always have. I remember when I watched it with my parents when I was younger and thinking that there was something special about it and that I really liked that Idgie....probably because she reminded me of myself quite a bit.

Did they ever fill that movie with lesbian subtext or what? It's funny but that movie just makes me smile when I'm watching it with my parents cause first of all I love the subtext and then I'm wondering if my mom(who LOVES this movie BTW) is getting that these two woman are really in love....that they're not "just friends". I mean how could she not....right???

I know that some people don't like this movie because in the book it was based on, the two woman were lovers but in the movie they are basically portrayed as friends......but there's LOTS and LOTS of subtext and subtle things that make it pretty clear that they are more. Oddly enough it's enough for should kinda piss me off but it doesn't cause I catch all the little hints and when you see the way the two of them look at eachother it's obvious that they love eachother. Although, now I do have the sudden urge to actually read the book.

I love the food fight scene....that was memorable beyond words:)

Oh....I can totally see myself as Idgie. Seeing as she was a tomboy since she was a little kid, she's tough, and she gets along with the boys.....and I would've totally wanted to kick Ruth's husband's ass!

Has anybody else watched Fried Green Tomatoes? What did you think of it?


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I adore that movie. And

I adore that movie. And there is a ton of subtext for the two of them.

Idgie is made of win. Completely and utterly made of win.
Do you ever get the random urge to start yelling "Towanda!!!"?

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I love it too:)

What's Win?

I do get the urge to yell Towanda on occasion...I think I'll be using it more often from now on:D

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