gay cupcakes

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I made cupcakes tonight for group tomorrow.. although im not going it's social holida night so im sending them with a friend.. I ate one and gave one to my mom but otehr thent hat they're all going but the batch didn't make as many as it usualy does because i made them big... rather then many.. it made like 17... So i'll be sending 15. They are rainbow chip with orange icing (homemade) and then rainbow sprinkles, after all this is a gay group there needs to be TONS of rainbow lol. Orange is cuz the girl i like in group her fav color is orange. I tink i may make some on Wds night for school on Thursday for like friends and such assuming i get my case back from my friend.


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ooh. :D

haha. sounds really cool.
everyone loves cupcakes, I think.