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Today I was out doing the last of our Christmas shopping with my parents. Anyways, while I was out I noticed quite a few really really cute girls, lol. So, that was umm.....interesting. It sucks though cause like I seriously look like I'm 15 or something. I've ALWAYS been told that I look younger than my actual age. I don't think that it helps that I dress like a tomboy. I mean, how many people know 20 year old tomboys? Seriously. Anyways, we got all of our shopping done which was.....nice?

All I'm asking for this year is gift cards. Impersonal? Yeah, maybe but I need some clothes and I don't really trust my sisters to pick out clothes that I would actually wear, lol. You know whats funny, though? My mom can actually buy me clothes that I actually wear. Her and my dad have always bought me clothes over the years and they tend to buy me clothes that are....well me. My mom(and dad) don't have any problem with the way I dress. They've never had a problem with my tomboyishness(?) and they've never tried to change me or the way I dress. They never discouraged me from playing sports or getting rough with my guyfriends. Which, when I look back on it now, is pretty damn cool, you know? In the past I remember a couple times where I was clothes shopping for school and I hated the way all the girls T-shirts had REALLY short sleaves. So, my mom suggested that I just get a boys T-shirt. That's sort of odd for a woman who on occasion says semi-homophobic things. Isn't it?

On another note I think I am trying to fill a void in my life with things that just don't do. Actually, I think I have been for a while. The void being my social and/or love life. Yucky. I think that I've been using video games and movies(Lesbian romance movies. What else?) to try and fill the void. The movies actually do work to a degree. Video games not so much and South Of Nowhere has actually been quite nice to watch and enjoy. But when do I get to get out and experience these things that I'm watching on film and TV??? When you move over an hour away from your friends you can't have much of a social life other than talking on the phone and IM on the computer. That's not really for me though, I need more. I like to actually see my friends in person and all the time and go out and do things not be stuck inside on the computer/phone. Sad? Yes, lol. But It's gonna change next month when I start my job workshop, so that's something to look forward to:D


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I'm almost eighteen but I

I'm almost eighteen but I look like I'm thirteen, I swear.
But on the bright side, maybe when we're forty, we'll look twenty! I don't think it works that way... but it might.
Good luck with the job workshop thing.

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ha ha

That's what other people have been telling me for years, that I'll like it as I get older cause I'll still look young. Right now though, it's more like a curse. Hopefully though, we will look really young while everybody else ages dramatically:D


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well, the flip side of your

well, the flip side of your problem is mine...i've been continually mistaken for a 20+ year old, starting when i was 14. people started asking me what my major was (as in, for college) when i was 13. which sounds nice, but it sucks. lol i have no idea if i have a point to all of this. :D

plenty of women are tomboys! we just start calling them dykes once they reach about 20 or but, uh, maybe don't clue your parents in on that one. :D that's totally cool about you folks and the clothes thing.

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Except for straight butch

Except for straight butch women. Or bisexual butch women. Or anyone else that just feels like expressing their gender without tying it to their sexual orientation.

Sorry if that sounded nitpicky. Just had to put it out there.

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I'm sure that looking older

I'm sure that looking older comes in handy in certain situations though. Like people won't ask for your ID when all you want to do is go see an R rated movie(I'm talking about Horror movies......not dirty sex movies, get your mind out of the gutter! LOL)

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I noticed it too, tomboys do look younger than other girls, well... most of the time anyways. but I'm an exception too. I look like i'm 19 when i'm only 16 becuz im just too cool LOL(totally kidding) At least it's not a bad thing to look young.
Your mom is soo awesome! My mom have always wanted to change the way I dress by pressuring me to buy more feminine clothes. =( but I never did, so she just kinda gave in now. But she still have problem with me planning on wearing suits to prom.
haha for me, films and TVs are just fuels for my imaginary world, and i do indulge myself into it once in a while. anyways, hope u can find what u wanted at the job workshop! =D

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That's why I've always

That's why I've always appreciated the fact that my mom never tried to change me in any way clothes or my likes for sports and lots of other tomboyish things. I know people who've had moms like yours it must suck but atleast she gave in eventually:) I wouldn't personally wear a suit to prom(or really anything like that) because I'm not that butch, I'm just sort of middlish in the femme to butch thing.....which I like to classify as tomboyish, lol. I don't really mind wearing dresses once in a while.

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I see a new year's resolution coming along nicely here :)
and your mom does sound pretty cool..
my mom used to make me dress different around ages 11-14..I would refuse to wear anything girly though... so she'd buy something pink, and i wouldn't wear it..she finally stopped, haha.

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Definitely. I think that

Definitely. I think that I've been waiting so many years for things to change and they finally are. So, now I'm ready to make my own changes to make my life a great one.

Lol, what is it with (straight) women thinking that pink=girly........and thinking that we shouldn't be tomboyish? On the contrary my mom doesn't really like pink. I think she was sort of surprised when I bought a pair skate shoes that were black and pink. Lol. And when we were looking at I think it was shoes another time she was like yuck pink shoes (I think they were white w/ pink accents). My mom surprises me sometimes.

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lol. Yes, I do associate

lol. Yes, I do associate pink with being girly though, but it's okay to like pink, being girly isn't a bad thing. and just a little bit of pink isn't terrible to add something to the outfit, I just don't necessarily like the color. but I'm not sure about the we shouldn't be tomboyish thing though. I just think it was a thing with my mom, she would like go the extra mile to do anything to make me more like her friends' daughters, or w/e..she still thinks I'm 'playing a game' ..when I'm just trying to be myself. kinda unfortunate.

soo, miss tomboyish lady :)
what does this tomboy outfit consist of?

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You should be yourself despite what everybody else thinks:)

I don't really wear pink other than the bit on my shoes:D

Lol. My tomboy outfit usual consists of a pair of Jeans not skinny jeans, I hate those things. But not really loose jeans either sort of middle. Anyways.....T-shirts are a must, with regular sleeve lengths not the stupid like tank top esque length that the girls T-shirts usually have. A pair of Skate shoes cause I love them and a hoodie because I love them too. The zip up hoodies especially cause they are cool and comfortable and they keep me relatively warm in the winter. That's what I usually wear......I call it tomboyish, not sure what everyone else would call it but I like to dress that way and everyone who doesn't like it can just sit there and piss and moan about it. Luckily I don't have any family members that disagree with the way I dress although I think my style and choice in clothes has got better over the years too:D

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Thanks, I agree. :)

alright. so tomboyish sounds fine...because that's pretty much what I wear too. :P
my cons or vans. some jeans. and a band or some culture t-shirt.
*joins the tomboy club*

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Welcome to the club:D

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I'm thirteen, I look like

I'm thirteen, I look like I'm sixteen, and I look vaguely like a girl.

Written lovingly for you, yes, ONLY you,


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That's okay, being different

That's okay, being different is usual a good thing in my books:D

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