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Hey all!

I love this place, and do still read a few journals (Riku's most religiously, hehe).

From the content I've come across, there seem to be quite a few youth here (as appropriate to the mission statement of the website itself, of course!) As I am right now starting out a career in the culinary arts world, as well as exploring the world of BDSM and sexuality with my partner(s), I figured that posting honest blogs on here might not be appropriate. Blogspot has an adult content warning and such, as well as a semi-personalized blog domain name. Sadly, it's huge, and not very audience-specific on its own, so there's less of an opportunity to really establish a community around it like everyone here has.

I'm not sure whether my journal here was followed too closely while I was writing in it on a more consistent basis, but if you're curious, here's my new blog url!


(jeff, if you're reading this, could I post 18+ content on this site with a warning at the top? I'd love to stay more engaged here...)

Love you all, and keep rockin' it! <3



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If all goes well, there are plans in 2009 to offer more posting options that would let you include more adult content yet have more control over things.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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Thanks jeff! That sounds

Thanks jeff! That sounds exciting... I'm not really concerned about my content, I'm concerned about whether there is in fact a way to post it here. (As in, would you need me to post a disclaimer at the top? Or would I simply not be allowed to post it here until you have those new features set up?)

Thanks again,