I feel like a real asshole....

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I'm such a jerk. I don't know where the hell my head was at today but I forgot it was my mother's birthday. WOW! Like seriously, what kind of a low life asswipe do you have to be to do that. I can't believe myself. I can't believe that I forgot her birthday meanwhile I live in the same house with her!!!! I really feel like a asshole/jerk/disapointment right now. I thought about it the other day. I was like wholey cow it's comming up soon. I saw that it was on Sunday and then I didn't even remember until she just went to bed. We were JUST watching TV and then she headed off to bed and I went on to the computer and it was then that I realized it was the 7th and her birthday. God, I am one helluva stupid person. Seriously, what must she think of me?

I like NEVER forget birthdays. I'm the one that remember's them. I didn't even know what the date was today. My birthday is in 10 days she should just forget all about it. I completely deserve it. After everything that's gone on in the last year my mom deserved a good birthday but could I do that for her? Nope.


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:\ that does suck. but

:\ that does suck. but everyone's mind slips sometimes. don't beat yourself up over it, alright, i'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to her.

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Awww...Thanks. I told her

Awww...Thanks. I told her today and she seemed fine. I'm usually good about these things..like remembering dates. There's just too much going on now:)

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