I Friggin' Love Motley Crue.

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A whole lot. They are tied as my favourite band/artist with the Beatles and Melanie C. Those three bands/artists... in the same sentence? Very random. I like all kinds of music, not lying. Just not country. But classical, JAZZ! Love them. Jazz moreso than classical though.

Anyhow back to Motley, I love them. I'm watching old videos of their concerts on youtube. I went to Cruefest this past summer and it was SO GOOD HOLY SHIT!!!! Motley Crue is SO MUCH BETTER LIVE! It blew my mind away. I wish I had been alive in the eighties. To see them in their prime.

I love old bands. They're just so awesome. The new music these days is all... rap or hip hop. Of which I enjoy neither. But old rock, metal, things like that = love. Lately I've been getting into Metallica. Their old stuff. I also like Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss (I don't care how overdone they are), Motley Crue (Obviously), Nirvana (they aren't THAT old), Megadeth, Iron Maiden, LED ZEPPELIN, old Children of Bodom... you get the idea.

Nikki and myself are talking about people who we think are gay. My gaydar SUCKS! Hers is absolutely EXCELLENT! Every person she suspects is gay, is gay. She can even differentiate between gay and bi o_O. Boys, girls, young, old, it doesn't matter. She always knows. I mentioned three people to her and she thinks they're gay too. So I guess that means my gaydar is improving? Which is exciting since, I think Vic might be gay... and Vic is super cute. I'm not sure what my deal is with her. I don't full on like her? I just have a small crush... I'm still kinda stinging from Maddie... I don't know it's weird. I've had the "Hey she's cute" thing going on with Vic since grade nine and I'm in grade eleven now. But it's just a crush *shrugs*

Maddie still has not replied to my letter and I don't think she ever will. Either, A) She couldn't be bothered, which branches off into A)i) She's an ass and A)ii) She's a coward. Or B) She doesn't really know what to say... It still hurts, but at least it's not a constant pain. The constant pain was almost unbearable. The only thing I could do was lay around and watch tv alone. I couldn't be around people because I was too irritable. A part of me thinks I'll never fully get over her. It's confusing.


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I agree....

Motley Crue, Ozzy, Metalica, Nirvana.........all of them are awesome especially their older stuff. The only one I don't like is Kiss. I'm personally just not into their music. But I love Rock and metal and all that good stuff.

And I'd add Guns N' Roses and Alice in Chains to that list. Oh, and I know not everybody likes them but I personally love Staind...If you've only heard their Rock Ballads like All I want, Right Here, and Believe(Gag, I don't like that song) on the radio then you've only heard one style of their music...you should try some of their stuff from the 90s. They have a lot of great songs.

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CoBODOM is OLD????

NOT REALLY. but i agree w/ the girl above. there are a few great bands missing from your lidt. hopefully you can add to it:). as fasr as the whole gaydar thing, work on it- it will get better.

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