I Just Finished Reading "Wives of Bath"

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It was really good. It's the book that the movie "Lost and Delirious" is loosely based on. The book is about the events leading up to a murder told from the point of view of this girl Mary (or Mouse as she is mostly referred to in the book). The book is pretty different but the ideas are the same. I'm not going to say anything else about it because I don't want to spoil it for anyone, even though I'd really like to. I'm sure everyone here has felt like Paulie at some point though. If you know what I'm talking about.

Today I tried to go on another bike ride and ended up turning around and coming back home about a block away from my house because the roads are way too bad. We got some more snow last night and it's really windy today, so continuing my bike ride would've basically been a death wish.

My mom went to mass today with my grandmother and I think they are going again tomorrow. My mom told me that I "have the option of coming or not, but I'd really like it if you would come with me just this once." Which actually translates into, "I'm saying that your presence at mass today and tomorrow is up to you to please you, but I really actually want you to come and if you don't I'll be pissed. And it's not going to be just this once." So I didn't go. Fuck church. And I'm not going tomorrow either. And I'm not going to any more of those monthly school wide masses anymore when we have them at school. And I'm not going to anymore class masses that we have monthly in my religion class. Screw the church. I'm mad about what the Pope said recently. For those of you who didn't know, in some speech he gave to the Vatican recently he equated saving the rainforest with saving gay people from homosexuality. Pretty much. So no thanks. The most religious I'm going to get from now on is going to my dumb catholic school. And that's it. Besides at the last school wide mass we had, it felt really... cultish. It weirded me out. =\

Sometime soon I'm going to order the sequel to the book "Empress of the World". It's called "Rules For Hearts". Empress of the World was a pretty good book. About a girl who goes to some academic kind of camp. She meets this other girl and realizes she has a crush on her and yeah... Read it.
I think I'm done for now. Whenever I read I feel the need to write but I have nothing more to say? Happy New Year?


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I just finished listening to

I just finished listening to Empress of the World...Sara Ryan has a podcast on iTunes and you can get her reading the entire thing out loud. It's great.

I want to order Rules for Hearts, but I can't find it on the B&N website...:( Any ideas where else I should look? I can't really order off any other website cause I don't have a credit card.

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If you can't order off of

If you can't order off of any other website then the only thing I can think of would be to go look in bookstores in your area?

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I've read Empress of the

I've read Empress of the World. Its pretty good. I've been meaning to get the sequel off of Amazon for awhile now.

I couldn't even imagine going to a Catholic School. Woah. And ya a school wide mass would feel cult-ish. I had no idea that the pope said that about the Rainforest and gay people. Wow screw him

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Months ago I started to draw

Months ago I started to draw similiarites between Catholocism and cults after I watched the movie "Jesus Camp". You should watch it. It was interesting, even if it did make me want to punch someones lights out.