I talked to NOTSTRAIGHT friend!!

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and if my pretty hair was to fall behind your pretty ears, what would you think of that?
would you catch my breath?
i would catch you if you fall.
you told me you weren't scared.
this just isn't how you feel.
you told me that if i were a boy, things wouldn't be different.
it's just not what you feel.

i can't believe her, won't believe her. none of this makes sense. how could i be so completely wrong?

steffi and i talked, kind of. and SHE ended up being the one crying. she feels bad for not seeing things. but what made her most upset was that other people had figured out what she couldn't. i don't know.


oh, the other thing is is that steffi says that gender doesn't matter. which is exactly what i feel too. she's the first person i've talked to about my sexuality who understands this part of me, i guess. because she's the same way.