I wrote a letter and gave it away

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hi, i'm clarice.
i prefer my women unshowered, in kick ass shape, with blue eyes and a tell-tale smile. intelligence, as always, is a prerequisite.
i'm also getting over the first person i ever loved, my ex-best-friend, steffi.
i wrote her a 9 page letter explaining everything (because she found out about me being in love with her like 5 months ago, but we've never... discussed it.) she responded, but didn't answer any of my questions. she said 'i had never had a best friend before. i guess that's just how i act with my best friend. i'm a very touchy-feely person.'
i want a girlfriend.
but i don't want to date any of the lesbian/bi girls at my school (well, the known ones anyway) because. hmm. they're very inbred, that group is.
i'm glad that steffi and i are talking about everything, but at the same time, i can't believe anything she says. ugh.


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ah. I know how you feel

ah. I know how you feel about not liking the out girls at your school.
same here. -_-.
hmm. best friend problems like that suck. so I hope you guys can come to an understanding.