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Would you believe that my life, at present, is for the most part good? No dramas, no problems, not much of anything bad at all (it is the holidays after all). Today for instance I proudly admit that i sat around for literally the entire day in my pajamas reading Les Miserables, watching appalling daytime TV and compulsively listening to the most divine piece of chamber music that i have ever heard, which i just recently discovered.

I know I'm loving it at the moment, but its sad to say that in a month or two I'll be bored to tears at begging for school to come back. Oh the terrible irony.

There is pretty much no one that I'm interested in at the moment. Which sucks. You see I'm one of those people who desperately craves relationships. Even if i had some straight guy to pine after a bit in my spare time, at least that would be better than what I've got now...absolutely nothing. No crushes, no flirting, no prospects at the moment. The whole situation leaves me feeling rather deflated...but for now i suppose all there is to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful purgatory of summer


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Weeeelll it's winter over

Weeeelll it's winter over here, but I feel you, man. About the not having any interest in particular people.