It was an interesting day/night...........

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So, today was our family get together to exchange x-mas gifts and catch up and all that good stuff. My grandma ended up coming too, which was really nice cause I havn't seen her for a little over a year. The day started off with a little small talk and then me and my nephews headed right for the basement to play some Rock Band! Which was awesome, I mostly played the guitar. Well, I got stuck with the guitar. At first NOBODY wanted to do the singing(we're all a bunch of cowards:D) but then my oldest nephew(He's 17) finally gives in and takes the microphone, so what happens? He loves it and doesn't really want to give up the mic all night. It was hillarious, cause half the songs he's like mumbling through cause he doesn't know the words, ha ha. It was really funny. My other nephew wouldn't play anything but the, yeah I got stuck playing the guitar most of the time, but I enjoyed it none the less.

We finally came up stairs to get some food but then went staight back downstairs. Later on we opened presents and I was happy to see my mom get the book she really wanted(I told one of sister's that my mom really wanted this book since I wasn't able to buy it) I was happy she got it even with the comments that were made yesterday. I do now realize that she doesn't know that these comments offend or hurt me...I'm a dope but it still hurts sometimes. Anyways, I was quite happy with what I got. I got a couple of gift cards so that I can buy some clothes and things and the Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2(Which has some awesome songs on it...if you've never heard Simple Man by Lynard Skynard, I'd say that you should check it out, it's really awesome song) and a few other things that were really quite perfect. Apparently no one told my grandma that we had moved and she had no idea that she'd be coming to the get together so she sent(to our old house) Christmas cards with money!!! Ha ha, so hopefully she get's the cards and money back....then she can send them to us:D

The best part of the evening was when we brought Rock Band upstairs cause my (pretty drunk)sisters wanted to sing. Ha ha, so both of my sister's are yelling out the lyrics to Blondie's Call Me as my mom and grandma just look on. It was hillarious:D It's always fun when they get drunk just because it really loosens them up and they say and do funny things. I mean earlier in the day I was trying to get my one sister to sing and she refused to do it but then she gets a few drinks in her and she then takes the mic from me so that she can sing.....and she is the one that was messaging me that there was no way she was gonna sing but that we would get a few drinks into our other sister and make her do all the singing...LOL!

It was a really great day and it was a lot of fun. It might not interest anybody else(actually I'm quite sure it's boring to ya, but I just feel the need to write it down so that some day I'll read this journal and remember this night:))

They also broke my mic..............well, the mic was kinda sensitive to begin with(cause I bought a used one) but now it doesn't work at all so I gotta buy a new one, he he....

I'm super duper's been a longggg day....So, I think it's off to bed for me:)