It's been a while.

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Hey Oasis, it's been a while.

I had a panic attack a little while ago, I feel weak... moving on.

My sister is getting married! Yay! Even if her fiance is a bit of a homphobe..... but I get to be the ringbearer! You must destroy the ring Mr. Frodo! LOLCATS/ROFLCOPTER.

I got Beowulf on DVD today for $10! ZOMG yay best movie ever, even if the picture on the cover makes me get all hot. Just gotta keep maximum penis supression on while looking at it.

I asked JD today if he was straight and he said yes, which makes me sad. Lousy fucktarded gaydar of mine.

That's more or less it. I love you oasis, hug me. HUUUUG ME. I'll give you pie?


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*hugz* "When the people


"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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*gives pie*

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*BIG HUGE HUG FOR FALCONWRIGHT* No pie nessecary! ;)

As I entered the room, I found myself filled with regret. Why am I doing this? All I know is: God can only tell me what I am searching for. I kneel and pray. Truth floods into me. I feel lonely.

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I would quite like some pie

I would quite like some pie as well!