It's like you're the swingset and I'm the kid that falls

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Christmas is in 2 days. I'm not really excited. I only asked for giftcards and P!nks new cd. Which I know I got the cd because I was there when my sister bought it. Yay for suprises!

I had to get a new license today because I lost my other one... They won't let you smile in the picture so mine looks like a mug shot. And plus when I'm not smiling I look pissed off. I smile a lot though so oh well. I also had to push my bangs back so it looks like I have a fan on me. lol. So I look pretty hot. License pictures always suck.

I saw a little bit of an episode of Double Shot at Love. Fuck that shit. Those skanks sound just like the other nasty that had a show before them. (I don't like those shows cuz they are showing a really bad image of bisexual people and lgbt in general.) But sex sells. They're not even hot either. They look like drunk bimbo's. Seriously if you've seen this show you'd know what I'm talking about.


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They really wouldn't let you

They really wouldn't let you smile?? That's so strange. They let me smile for mine...

Oh well, it must be better than when my friend got her learning permit. Haha. Instead of sitting sideways like you're supposed to, she sat facing forwards and then turned her head sideways. It looked really creepy to see her head twisting to the side! :P Lol-I amuse myself easily!

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Double Shot At Love is

Double Shot At Love is fucking bullshit. It's complete crap. I agree.