Jon Stewart on gay marriage...

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Jon grills Mick Huckabee on gay marriage in a pretty amazing way:

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This was great last night! I

This was great last night! I never realized how fat Huckabee is though, lol!

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines marriage as between either a person and the opposite sex, or a person and the same sex.

I'm not a religious person, so the dictionary holds a whole lot more of my attention than the bible, but if big companies such as those who make dictionaries can define marriage as those two things it doesn't really help to fight about it. Pilgrims first came to the new world to seek religious freedom am I correct? The United States was built on the separation of church and state, therefore shouldn't the bible not have much position in this argument to begin with?

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Great, logical arguments

Great, logical arguments from Jon vs. Falling back on ridiculous statements already disproved during the conversation from Huckabee. That was a great video--I learned something! I never realized that we already have redefined marriage in so many ways.

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: )

Jon Stewart is a pretty cool guy. Sometimes I feel like his kind of humor is too much satire/contradiction and not enough wit, but then sometimes he comes up with things like this and I really, really admire him for it.

My two favorite lines:

"Religion is far more a choice than sexuality."
(My feelings EXACTLY)


"At what age did you choose not to be gay?"

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When Mick says the bit about

When Mick says the bit about marriage being about reproduction, I just want to say...

"Ok. So infertile people can no longer marry? And really old people? BULLPOOPY."

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Jon, I new I liked you for a

Jon, I new I liked you for a reason.

Written lovingly for you, yes, ONLY you,


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What love boils down to is a

What love boils down to is a chemical reaction; or rather a chemical imbalance. Marriage is a result of that - at least ideally. Knowing that information, how can one actually deny a couple, not so different from themselves, marriage?

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i saw that on tv the other day...pretty epic.

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I love Jon Stewart even more

I love Jon Stewart even more than I did before. :D

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JOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry. i LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE jon stewart!!!

and this clip totally reaffirms that. it's so amazing that gay issues are being debated on TV, by popular people. that alone gives me hope. and yeah, he kicks ass. :D

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i love jon stewart! haha i feel bad for mike huckabee, when ever u r going to debate against jon stewart u r going to lose. I think they should be warned before they go on the show. something like "hey, we want you to come on the show. oh and if you r going to argue with jon stewart be warned, u cant win, not even a little bit."
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I now have such great

I now have such great respect for Jon Stewart...
I was laughing and grinning and cheering with the audience at his lines (like wild-blue-yonder said... the classic When did you choose not to be gay? I mean... that's so insanely hard to argue against)
My dear, dear friend sent me this a while back, I was in such a depressing mood that I stopped it not even a minute in and vented about it (my journal post's on here for it)
but I'm glad I watched all of it...
The marriage bit in the Bible always irked me (being Buddhist, i've never read any of it), but I'm real pleased to see that, yeah, indeed we HAVE redefined marriage many times over, and how ludicrous it sounds now to say that if we're allowed to marry, that that's on the same level as allowing a man to have 27 wives or marry an animal (that's a huge argument I've heard round where i live)
Fantastic debating on Jon's part... huge load of credit to him!

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Wow that was just brilliant,

Wow that was just brilliant, go Jon Stewart

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