justice! ha yeah sure...

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sooo in my last blog i talked a lil about how i had to see my lawyer today about the case agenst the guy that abused me.. well i thought it was just going to be some thing where they asked me stuff about what happened or tell me things about testifying.... how wrong was i? well we got to the law office and my lawyers took my mother and i to a confrence room. she started talking about how hard it is in cases like these to prove the guilt of someone caz its mainly here say... then she droped the bomb.. they had to drop the case. there was no evidence to prove he really abused me. sooo he is free now. off to live his life happily. the best they could do was get a new restraining order for me. but that really does not make me feel safe. its really not the fact that i did not get the justice i was promised but more so the fact the he has a little girl who is a lil older then i was when the abuse started... or when i think about all the people he could or has hurt. i never want that pain for another person. no one should ever go through it. so yeaa.. im depressed. i dont know what to do at this point. i dont think there is anything i can do.


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oh man, I'm so sorry. That

oh man, I'm so sorry. That sucks so bad. *major hugs*

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what the fuck? that is so

what the fuck? that is so screwed up. god...i'm so sorry. there're all these words for it, but i doubt any of them come close.

i wish i could say something to make any of it right, but all i have is *hug*, and if you ever need to talk, i'm here. which is totally inadequit, i know.

i hope you have people to help you heal...

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fuck the system. find him

fuck the system. find him and cut off his balls and make him eat 'em.


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I'm with Icarus. Hell, we'll

I'm with Icarus. Hell, we'll help you.

"When the people begin to reason, all is lost" - Voltaire

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Yeah, he deserves no less.

Yeah, he deserves no less. That's terrible. *hugs*