Kiss :P

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you know the feeling of have a first kiss with someone? how your mind races and you get stuck in the moment. its just so new and amazing caz you know that this is the only time you will ever have a chance to kiss that person for the first time. idk it always makes me feel so wonderful. well its kinda weird normaly after the first kiss it does not feel that way to me. i mean its still amazing and wonderful and all but nothing like the first time your lips meet. but its different with Satu each time we kiss i feel like im fallin faster.. yea yea i know i sound kinda lame right now. but its just so weird. i have never been with a girl like her. our lives have been so different yet we are so much alike. she is the perfect girl for me.. im just really fucking scared caz if i fall in love what will happen? will i be some exparement she tryed out in the U.S. or will i last. i think im a bit over paranoid but yeaa..she makes me feel real. i dont want that to mean nothing. sooo tell me what you guys think.


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stick with her. its natural

stick with her. its natural to be scared, but it just shows that it's something bigger and more wonderful than anyone can imagine.

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