most of you chose eyes and hair for the body part poll. what??

An average(on attractivness) person with amazing gorgeous eyes that showed everything and were pretty much magical.
92% (11 votes)
an amazing attractive hot bodied person with great hair but with eyes that were just dull. and blank. and plain.
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 12


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The eyes are the windows of

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Dull, blank and plain windows to me can mean either a). not much interesting going on behind them, or b). body parts in the freezer. Either way, I'm not down with it.

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It's funny, because I

It's funny, because I usually think of eyebrows rather than eyes as a way to convey emotions.

But my closest friends, it really is the eyes. Interesting.

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So... Personally, this is

So... Personally, this is what kind of person I Like:
Someone with pale skin, blue or green eyes, blonde hair, a slightly toned and masculine body that's rather youthful, and a smooth body; no body hair.

I like eyes though =]

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Generally, I like someone who is normal/average looking, at a healthy body weight, has a good personality and in general I just like someone who is themselves around me and I feel at ease with them. If I can tell her pretty much anything than it's just that much more awesome:)

If they don't have a personality then for me, there's nothing to really be attracted to. Physical attractiveness is important(you have to be able to see yourself kissing that person) but I'm really on a deeper level more hooked on a person based on their personality and how they treat me.

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