New Years Resolutions, 2009 version...

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OK, that time of the year, what are your New Year's Resolutions?

Also, if you answered last year, you can check it out and write a post grading how you did on them. :-)

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Play an instrument every

Play an instrument every day, build a dulcimer, learn to love myself

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i feel so practical...

I actually did accomplish most of mine! Yay me!

Be better with my finances.
No more energy drinks and limited caffeine intake.
Less junk food.
Less fast food.
Keep my grades up.

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Well the following is my

Well the following is my list from last year:

-I would like to be more organised so I can divide my time between,college work and fun better than I have been.
-Start getting a band together or at least get some demo's recorded myself.
-Be more honest with myself and my friends.
-Enjoy being young and enjoy the time with the friends I have now and not fret about the past.
-Generally just have some more confidnce in myself and a more positive attitude to life.

Regarding the first one, I didn't really get myself organized much better...I have made a few improvement though.

With the second one I did jam a bit with it was a slight improvment.

The third and fourth resolutions went a little shakely.

To sum up I made some improvments but I need to keep working on them.

The main thing I want to add to my list this year is to stop holding myself back with stupid my stupid insecurities and worrying about everyone elses insecurities.I'm just going to go for life =]

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I want to make new

I want to make new friends/strengthen older friendships so that I'm pretty well off next school year after my friends graduate.

I want to write more music and get myself out there more, even if it just means playing more for my friends.

I want to live my life without feeling like I have to change to please someone else.

I want to avoid making enemies and try to reconcile with the people I'm fighting with.

I want to get a girlfriend....(although a boyfriend would be nice, it's even less likely. :P)

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I want to.....

Figure out what I want to do career wise.

Get a job in that career.

Make some really great friends.

Spend more time with my nephews, like I used to.

Get a girlfriend

And, possibly come out to my family but that depends on what happens. I think we are all headed for some pretty big changes in the comming year. So, I'm not 100% on whether it's gonna happen or not. But I think that it is especially if I do have girlfriend at some point during the year. There's no way I'm gonna want to sit there and pretend.

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Er ugh... Pass my license

Er ugh...
Pass my license test!
Make my parents quit smoking (that's an easy one).
Enforce the rules more as a life guard (More than the "WALK! NO RUNNING!" enforcement deal. Life Guards secretly love yelling that shit).
Stick with a sport.
Not to go below 1,900$ in the credit union...
Get into JHP this fucking year (they chose some stupid girls last year. Made me so PO'ED!)
Get a boyfriend!
Not engage in sexual activities with my ex...

That's good right? (It's my first time ever making resolutions)

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Learn to love myself, pass

Learn to love myself, pass my final school year and STOP BITTING MY NAILS

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let me see...

- work on time management
- work out more often
- treat my family better
- and study hard ><

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I want to get to the point

I want to get to the point where I'm okay with my sexuality. And maybe tell a few people about it along the way...

I also want to work on making more friends...and building self-confidence.

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-Come out to EVERYONE as

-Come out to EVERYONE as trans
-Play a sport/start working out.
-Get a legal name change
-Get drivers license
-Get a boyfriend.
-Put the school in their place (AKA, get them to let me play on boys teams and consider me as male.)
-Not suck at art.

Hmmm.. That's it I guess. :D

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i have a few...

...that hopefully i WILL stick to.

1. come out to mom
2. get in shape and go to the gym at least a few days a week
3. Get my lazy ass back in school!
4. do well once in school
5. commute by bike as often as possible, to get in shape and save money
6. learn to cook and also save $$$ on food.
7. take better care of self...medically and otherwise.

hopefully i will be able to stick w/ those and have a great 2k9!

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- come out completly - Not

- come out completly
- Not cuss so much; I cuss a shit ton. But i can't help it no other words describe my feelings as good as cuss words. Its probably not that attractive either
- Keep working out/get even more toned after basketball is over
- Apply all of my capabilities in my school work and stop half-assing everything cuz I have better things to do.
- Volunteer

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Quit smoking. Lose 5kg. Be

Quit smoking.
Lose 5kg.
Be in an awesome show.
Meet a guy who isn't a TOTAL asshole.
Actually like my friends.

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Well, I return to SF tomorrow, so my resolutions start this weekend:

-- Finish the fourth draft of my novel
-- Start the research phase for my second novel.
-- Lose weight
+ go to the gym regularly
+ start up yoga again
-- Already sort of set up a date with my future husband in July, so do previous step before then.
-- Stay employed (my work contract ends in February, so we shall see what happens, but I need the money to start developing new versions of Oasis/Vegocentric)

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