Note to self: must develop gaydar.

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So, to cut to the relevant part of the conversation, it turns out B has a boyfriend.


Proceeding with caution was a good idea... just as happy to have found out she wasn't a gf prospect BEFORE I said anything to her about crushing on her.

I guess I still have a new friend anyway... cuz I wouldn't have liked her that way if we hadn't clicked, and I'm not about to stop talking to her, that would be stupid, so...

...shame that didn't work out a wee bit better for me (I'm not sure if the disappointment has quite hit yet), but... oh well.

Now y'all know how that one worked out.



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That's disappointing. And

That's disappointing. And I'm with you. I totally need to get gaydar for Christmas or something. I have a hard time telling unless people grab my face and start screaming in my ear that they're gayer than gay.

But like you said, friends are always nice. xD

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It's okay...gaydar is kind

It's okay...gaydar is kind of a learned skill. I had the most terrible gaydar up until about a year ago, and it works better now, I suppose, but it still goes on the blink sometimes.