perfection much??

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i spent the day with Satu. school was cancled becaous of the snow so i asked my brother to take us to the towncenter (its like a little mall) so he droped us off and we wandered around for a while. we went to michaels and she bought alot of random papper... xD then we went the the book store. suprise suprise?? we are only the biggest book worms alive. xDD
she bought like...5 books for presents for random people. after that we sat in starbucks for a while. by then it was late afternoon so we went to lunch. xDDD some nerdy guy with a blue tooth sat behind us... he was talking about rainbow cookies. he asked the front dest, "do you have the means to makeing a rainbow cookie??" and she had no idea what he ment.. and then he rambled on the phone about gummy bears melting into a cookie. and he asked in a very serious voice, "what exactly does a rainbow cookie consit of?" and i said under my breath, "the souls of many queer kids?" after that we left because if we had stayed any longer we might have fallen on the floor laughing. xDD
then we walked to target. and she randomly said, "hahaha BRB!" and i was like wtf????
so she pointed to the weird decorations in front of target that just happen to be Big Red Balls....
it was great.
ummm yeaaa...
skiping ahead a bit. we went back to her house and listened to music for awhile. then she took out her camera so we could take some pics together. lol we got a lil distracted though. we ended up just cuddleing and kissing for a while. nothing bad. just like really cute you know?
after that her host sister came up stairs and told us dinner was ready.
after we ate we baked a cake. =DD it was fun. and amazingly cute. her host sister was helping and she is like...9? and gawd Satu is sooo adorable when she is hanging out with kids.
well now that i have rambled for some time i think i will end this post.



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sounds like

you guys had a good time.

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sweet. sounds like you had fun.