Queer life in the city

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I've been doing some research on GLBT life in this new city(I now live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada). So far I've learned of a few GLBT youth groups, a couple of GLBT clubs/bars, and a Queer pride celebraton in the summer. There's one youth group that seems like the best one(It had the best website info wise) their meetings are held at a university and it's about a 17 minute drive(according to google maps, anyways) and I don't drive so I'd have to take the bus. So, I'm not sure. I'd like to go meet some new people especially people that a) are around my age and b) are gay. Maybe eventually I'll get the courage to head down there some time. I don't think that I'd ever be able to go to bar/club alone so I'm pretty sure that's not an option for meeting new people. This would just be so much easier if I knew someone that lived here. I'm such a coward:D

But how cool is it that they have queer pride celebration??? It's only like a little over 5 minute drive from where I live too. I think it's really cool that they have one because I used to live in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) So if I wanted to go to a gay pride thing the closest one that I knew of was Toronto's gay pride parade and that's like a 20 minute drive on the highway. I never had anyone to go with either cause I wasn't out of the closet.

On a competly unrelated topic can someone explain to me how to put photos or pictures in the journal entrys? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


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the queer youth group sounds

the queer youth group sounds awesome. maybe you can find someone to go to the clubs with. *wink* lol

good luck with it all. :D

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I hope so *Crosses

I hope so *Crosses fingers*


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That's very helpful.

That's very helpful. Thanks:D

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which university??

is it university of waterloo that the youth group are held at? most univeristies have GLBT union, dont they? Kitchener sounds more fun than it is in Toronto, or i'm just too oblivious to everything around me. Oh yeah! the parade, it was long time ago, i didnt go myself =(, but i have like pictures that my friends took, they have nude men too ><

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Yup, it's held at the

Yup, it's held at the University of Waterloo. From what I read on their website, they welcome students and youth from the community. I would think that most universities probably do have a LGBT union. It doesn't change anything for me though because I'm not going to university.

So far Kitchener is a pretty nice place although I haven't explored it too much yet. Like I said I used to live in the GTA and man it was pretty boring all that comes to mind when I think of where I used to live is.... blah. But maybe that's just me. I'm just glad to be somewhere different. If you've lived in Toronto your whole life you probably feel the same way, no?

How come you didn't go to the parade? I'd still like to go some day. Like, I watch clips of it on the news and it just looks like on big party and the fact that there if you have a gf or bf you can just hold them and no one's gonna look twice or say a nasty remark is really nice. Nude men??? I got's to see them, LOL!

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hahaa i'm so going to UW

It sounds really organized and all, UW is definitely my top choice now. But it's so asian polluted, oh well... You gradurated already? Or you just dont hated the idea of going to school? GTA is a bigger city than Kitchener isnt it? The suburb area of GTA, where I live, is extremely boring I agree, but down town is fun, though I hardly go there. haha I'm so glad that I didnt live here for my whole life =D so how's Kitchener? I actually missed the parade becuz no one told me the date =( but i'll get the chance to go next year. hahaa We have two outed tomboy couples in my highschool, and they always "do-things" in the hallways and nobody really cares. I'm surprised that a lot of asians are more open than Caucasians in a sense. Sorry if i sounded racist. LOL indeed, you shall go next time. oh! TDSB was there too, which really shocked me.

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Well, I'm finished highschool and college/university really isn't for me(at the moment anyways you never know what might happen in the future). I'm taking this job workshop next month to help figure out what I want to do. So, hopefully it will point me in the direction of a job that I enjoy(and that has a decent pay:D).

The GTA is definitely bigger than little Kitchener. I used to go to downtown Toronto as well because my sister lives there and my parents used to work down there so I know what you mean. There's plenty more to see and do there than in the suburbs of the GTA. Plus the violence is getting worse in the GTA or at least in the city I lived in. I mean it used to be a pretty safe and nice place but now there's all the higher profile murders and things like that which makes me that much happier to be out of there.

Kitchener is pretty nice little quiet place, so far anyways. I havn't had the chance to do too much yet but I did go out shopping today(with my parents:(, lol) and I saw quite a few really cute girls. They were probably all straight but they were still cute:)

Lol. I never knew any gay kids or couples when I was in school but one guy I knew in highschool has come out of the closet. The only reason I know now is because of facebook, lol.

The Toronto District School board was at the gay pride parade??? Wow, that is surprising and kinda nice. The school board shows up but our Prime Minister is nowhere to be found, hmmm......

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