Rainbow Veins..

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"cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains and i'll blend that rainbow above you and shoot it through your vains"
as you might be able to tell im listening to owl city at the moment..
but yea..
im on the phone with my girl right now. =D
xDDD shes playing red alert 3 so she has not said anything for the past 10 mins other them rambleing to her game.
its cute. shes a dork. played that game for like.... 6 hours the other day.
i dont know how many hours shes been on today.
umm anyway, life has been pretty good lately.
it seems like things are finely slowing down and making sence.
although i have to see my lawyer tomorrow.
they need to talk to me about the case agenst the guy that abused me..
so yeaa tomorrows prolly gonna be pretty hard.
its always really hard for me to talk to strangers about it.
but yeaa it kinda has to be done.
i have been worrying about this for a few days now. i know that its not going to be that bad. and all i have to to is tell them what happened but its the whole what if thing... like.. what if this case goes to trile and i have to testify agenst him. that would be horrible.. i dont know if i could stand being in the same room as him again.
but yeaa
in brighter news my sister got me a leather jacket for christmas. 8D
its wayy rad. its like the biker jackets from grease.
i need to buy some patches and studs for it though. =p
umm yeaa.
oh! and the other day Satu and i went to the mall.
;D i bought some handcuffs. xDDD
so yeaaa that will be intresting.