Soooo... how can i make this work?

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my girlfriend is depressed. i really dont know what to say to her. she misses her family in finland. i said the obivous things like "im sorry baby" and what not. but i dont know how to help her. i know she misses her family. and wishes she was there but... i cant help but wish she didnt. that way i could keep her to myself. after her exchange is over i may not she her for many years if ever again.. so i want our time tegether to be special.
i had a dozen pink and red roses delivered to her while she was in school on the 4th. they brought them into her while she was in class. she was so excited about it. it was the first time she had gotten flowers. =]]
i did not realize how much until i talked to her band (my orchestra) teacher. she said she was rambleing about it and giggleing and stuff. although i did get lightly scolded for spending that much money on her she loved it.
lol im luck she does not know how much it really cost me. it was only 56 dollars but she hates the idea of people getting her stuff.


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Awww...that's such a sweet

Awww...that's such a sweet idea!

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aww thats soo sweet:)

aww thats soo sweet:)

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I'd say keep doing really

I'd say keep doing really sweet things for her. It doesn't even have to cost anything. Randomly hugging tends to make people happy as well as gifts. Just treat her like shes the bast person in the world and chances are she will get happier.

That was a really sweet idea though :)

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I second what Mikki said.

I second what Mikki said. Contact with other humans releases endorphins in our brains that make us feel better.
Also that flowers thing was sooo cute

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Roses in class! That's so

Roses in class! That's so sweet!!! I'm sure you'll make her happy if you just keep being sweet.

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