Soooo, the guy...

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There's this guy i really like that it's really hot and fits my type and has this sexy mysterious look.

Anyway, the thing is that not me nor my friends can tell if he's gay or not. Which has always been an issue 'cause i like masculine guys but usually eye contact clears it all.

And yesterday i asked him for a lighter, which i already knew he had 'cause i know he smokes, and he did not just hand me the lighter but light up my cigarette while making eye contact and as i walked away he kept seeing me.

So i've decided to take the long shot and assume he's gay and talk to him and be flirtatious. And that's not the issue 'cause i know how to be just me and all that shit.

But i've no idea on how to start a conversation, i'd hate using the "i love your jeans/hair/whatever" line, that's just not me. And i've got a couple of ideas so far but it'd still be great to hear some advice.

Well, thanks.

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talked to the guy, total fiasco
thanks and good night....


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If you have a class with the guy than you could ask about homework or something. Talking about school is a great conversation starter.

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he's not
but i can make something out of it

thanks :D

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