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I didn't get a white Christmas. Oh well, I guess I'll have to get used to it for when I move to California (yes I still hold onto that dream). I honestly don't even know if I'll celebrate Christmas when I'm older because its kinda hypocritical of me to celebrate it when I think its all bullshit. I have taken a liking to the "Hallmark cardness" of it if you get what I mean... *presents*

We took a lot of cute pictures today for my Mom. I bought this thing where all these picture frames are stuck together like one big picture frame collage. It looks cool. Its pictures of us all together and then ones of my nephews and then me and my sisters and whatnot.

I got Pink's new CD. And pajama pants and giftcards. Sarah got a laptop and I got a $50 giftcard to Barnes and Nobles so we said how we're gonna spend the day at B&N's with her laptop and drink Starbuck's all day. Should be fun. I really do want to go there so I can get new gay books. Ya know honestly this time last year I woulda been scared shitless to buy gay books and now when I do I'm like I hope some hot gay girl sees me buying these books and we majically fall in love and run off together and get married. (Because stuff like that actually happens. Duh) No but seriously, I think about how when I was more closeted than I am now and when I would go to B&N's I'd just happen to walk really fast through the LGBT section and pray that no one saw me.


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Ahaha, me too. Oh man, it's

Ahaha, me too. Oh man, it's freaking wonderful to be able to go to the Gay and Lesbian section in B&N and think, "fuck if people see me, why does it matter?" This was occurring to me a few days ago when I was off at B&N buying myself some queer books. I remember how flipped out I was getting Kissing Kate out of my school library two years ago...

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