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Jeez,just wrote an long entry describing my past couple days and events but then my comp. disconnected, erasing everything. Too bad there's no autosaving drafts like LJ does when this happens hehe. I'll just do quick recap:
Can still fly out on Tues. cuz I have alternative forms of valid I.D. hehe

Submitted my VP3 onto my schools' website today after some stressful things from earlier but finally got it done w/o any problems this time(not like last night), and took my Health Science Final earlier today too(and am emailing English to find out grade on it/grade for class).

Think I got my 40 hrs. for ML(gonna check tomorrow if they'll let it(cuz last day for credit for ML mins. was yesterday but their comp. was still up so think so),then take my Math Final tomorrow,get lunch,come home, and relax/talk to someone:D(really good since today has been...lacking that and yesterday too but it'll be ok hehe). SVU and The Biggest Loser were good last night