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Welllll,last week was really good for me hehe(except I couldn't bring my cleanser but it wasn't that bad w/o it hehe,but next time,I can bring the travel size empty bottle w/some inside):D. Lots of good gf experiences w/ a certain someone(aka Vanessa) in her state of MI(got to see snow,even did a poor attempt at a snowball,but no way was I getting my hands wet to make it better ha),good food and just good friendly people hehe(esp. at the hotel I stayed at). Then I came back to see the remaining grade for my last class(Oceanography) and saw my animals/fam too.

Now I was more 'detailed' about my trip re:my blog but I just talked about my stay at the hotel,things that happened on my flights(some funny hehe,both had turbelance thogh(aka why I don't like flying but this time ,I knew the reason for it was/would be worth it:D)), what Vanessa and I would eat/who paid(aka good balance kinda) and when she leave/would come back(and what I would do during that time),so they would know it was a good trip w/most my time being spent w/her hehe(and + it kinda let them/me know that it was mutual hehe):D... Also heard all about my Mom's *bad news which happened the week I was gone as soon as I got off the plane at LAX(yeah,kinda put a damper on my happy mood re:the trip/grades(I knew I passed Oceanography but not that it was a B)) but things should be ok hehe.

*Yeah,if Jason doesn't pay the electric bill by the 31st,I will (and he's getting thrown out since he hasn't paid for anything in the 3 yrs. he's lived here),our Dish was cut off on Mon.-Wed. but got turned back on Wed. late afternoon), and I'll also cover the part of rent next month,which isn't covered w/Eddy's $. I pay rent but the $ gets paid up front,so my Mom can put it on her credit cards,I also get groceries too sometimes. I start school in like 3 1/2 wks.(the 12th of Jan.) and I hope I do well hehe again like this past semester(dk,Art History was hard last time,might drop it).. Jason SHOULD be paying me back soon,or at least in freaking installments but we'll see...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hmm,kinda weird not having a Christmas tree w/lights this year,but we did afford to get the stuff for Christmas dinner(aka see Thanksgiving meal) and this Sunday,I'm going to get Domino's Pizza for when my Mom and I(and everyone else,duh) watch the Charger game(and hopefully we go to the playoffs!).... Ooo,I wanna see the new Underworld movie(Rise of the Lycans,dk if that's KB in it though but it looks good nonetheless) and Prayers for Bobby too...
EDIT:10:38 AM:
Right now I am watching a Christmas movie w/Nicole Eggert in it (from Baywatch,the one who was bulemic hehe),might watch her other one that's on later too/listening to music//missing/texting Vanessa(but if we didn't talk,I'd miss her a lot more,you know?)/watching shows/movies that come on the remaining movie channels I do have ha and basically what Thanksgiving was like....
Here's my schedule:
Math 100:7:30-8:50
Art History:7:30-8:50
Aka break for lunch/ML time,yay!
Human Sexuality:1:30-2:50
Hmm,freaky true hehe:

You Feel Inadequate Around Someone in Your Family

You feel a bit sensitive and wary around your family. Your relationship with them has been rough in the past, and things are still on the mend.

You believe that your family is truly happy, even if there are minor disagreements and squabbles.

You feel envious toward someone in your family. You can't help but be jealous of someone's success or popularity.

You tend to be the rock in your family. You support everyone in their times of need(AKA sometimes I don't like it,cuz everyone just KNOWS they come to me w/$ probs. and I'll take care of it if I can spare it,sometimes I don't like being 'reliable' like that), and they take your advice seriously.

How Do You Really Feel About Your Family?