This. Is. Me. Stalling.

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Went to the mall today. Used some giftcards and bought pants and a studded belt. I also bought this really kick ass coat. It's black white and gray plaid and is like silk-y material. Totally won't keep me warm at all but I look good in it.
I also bought an Obama calender for 2009. My calender for 2008 is a countdown until Bush is out of office :) I almost bought a Sports Illustrated Magazine calender (the ones that have the girls almost naked) But I didn't. Don't get me wrong, I can totally appreciate a hot girl without a shirt on, but its slutty nonetheless when it's in a calender. And I'm not that into blonde bimbo's with fake boobs. I likes me a brunette with some cool Chucks. Ugh if only I were shallower then it would be easier to pick shirtless girls over an old black man.... (thats a joke. I love Obama)

Furthermore, why in the world doesn't any store sell Amanda Palmer's cd?? (If you don't know who that is you should be shot) Seriously, its ridiculous. (and i'm not even sure if I spelled that right) I really want this cd. I can't buy it off the internet cuz I don't have a credit card. I've downloaded some of her songs and I feel bad because I really like her music and I want to pay for her cd. See when I actually like a band or singer I buy their cd in hopes of discovering more awosme songs by them (Paramore and Ra for instance)

I just discovered today that I still have this week off and don't go back to school until the following Tuesday. So I go back on a 4 day week and don't have a Monday! I also discovered today that my Mom is coming up form MO on Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to seeing her. But thats another story.


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*sticks hands in air**

*sticks hands in air** please don't shot me!!

I still got a week left of break too! I'm pretty stoked ;D Good luck with your mom!

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*gasp* um, please don't

*gasp* um, please don't shoot me either, cuz I might have an idea to help you get your CD. Maybe you could go to a store and buy a gift card, like for or something? I've bought stuff from Barnes & Noble online with a gift card. Assuming the card has enough money to cover the whole purchase (including tax and shipping and everything), you shouldn't need a credit card at all.

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You're so smart!! Thats a

You're so smart!! Thats a really good idea.
Your great idea just saved your life. lol jk

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Is Amanda Palmer the girl

Is Amanda Palmer the girl from the Dresden Dolls?
(Please hold your fire if I'm wrong)

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YES! :) You just scored

YES! :)
You just scored brownie points with me. Cogratulations!