Today Is December 21st

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Update time! :O
1. I managed to fit my favourite PHRASE "scantily clad" into a religion test I wrote on thursday! How, you ask? Well, one section of the test was called "Long Answers" and it said to "Pick one of the following topics and write an informative summary about it". There were four topics. One of them was "The life, death and ressurection of Jesus Christ". I picked that one because it was the easiest. When I got to the part in my summary where Jesus gets to the top of that hill to be nailed to the cross I wrote "After Jesus reached his final destination, the Romans stripped him of his clothes and proceeded to nail a now scantily clad Jesus to the cross". SO THERE YOU GO. There are ways to incorperate "scantily clad" into religion.

2. Friday was my last day of school for two weeks! Yay for christmas break. I only stayed for the morning, so religion and Physics. In religion there was only a few people and we were all bored until a girl from a Law class came and asked my teacher if she could kidnap us :). My teacher was happy to be rid of us, so we headed down to the Law class. The normal Law teacher was skiing somewhere in the world (I think Chile?) with his super-skiing son so they had a supply. Otherwise this probably wouldn't have happened. There were only a few people in that class and one of them happened to be Vic *swoooon*. We played "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" on the smartboard and then watched Madagascar. And chatted and stuff. At a couple of points when me and Vic were talking we held eye contact for a little while afterwards, and I blushed and was glad the lights were off so she couldn't see. Then I went to Physics with Vic who is also in that class. There were only seven people there and my teacher taught a full lesson anyways? o_O But it was a reaaaally interesting lesson. He had this machine that made noises according to the setting of the frequency. It was awesome. I was going to go home after this because I didn't want to stay for the afternoon but Vic said "You're going to stay and eat with me today, ok? :)" . So even though I didn't have a lunch I stayed anyways...? Nerd.

3. Friday night my friend G had a christmas party. It was a lot of fun. Verity was rippin' into me with the gay jokes the whole night. But they were funny, not mean so. Not everyone at the party knows about my gayness though. There were nine people there (including me) and five/most likely six knew about my gayness (including me :D) but now probably seven. Because we were talking about this group of people at our school that are "friends" but are really bitchy to each other and how they all date each other and it's like, incest (not actually though). And my friend Mich said "That would be like if WE all dated each other!" and Verity said "Well there is kind of a problem with that, considering we're all girls... well... it would be a problem for everyone except (my name) that is." And this girl who didn't know was sorta listening like *raises eyebrow*. And then I was like "WAY TO SCREAM IT" and Mich said "haha I always forget I have to keep it on the down low" and I just laughed and was like "whatever man."

4. Yesterday I did a lot of christmas shopping with my mom. We got my brother and sister their presents. I bought my brother a red wireless controller for his xbox 360 and I bought my sister a bag for her laptop. I bought this book called "Stray" out of a giftcard I got from the secret santa at G's party.

5. Last night I had a super fun dream. I was in my religion class and my religion teacher got mad and kicked me out for being queer. And this girl Shannon walked by me in the hall and was like "What happened" and I told her. And then a few minutes later she got kicked into the hall too and I asked her what happened and she said "I told our teacher I had sex with you". And I was floored because I never thought she would do that. And then our teacher said "I'm coming back out in ten minutes to check up on you". And these two girls from an art class were working in the hall across from us. Then my teacher came back and asked if we still had "homosexual tendencies" and Shannon said yes and walked up to me and and gave me a kiss. And my religion teacher was disgusted and went back into the class. The two girls were like :O. And I was like :|/:$. Then my teacher came back out again and asked if we were ready to come back to the life god had planned for us and Shannon walked up to me and put her hand on my shoulder and I stroked her face and said "Nope" and then she full on made out with me. And our teacher said something about "getting the principal". And when Shannon walked away I slid out of my desk onto the floor. And then ran to the biology room to tell Verity, and then the dream ended. It was such a good dream haha.

6. Shannon actually is in my religion class. And she's so hot. She has blonde hair and green eyes and this super cute little body and she smells delicious. She has such kissable lips *drools*. I wish that would happen...
I'm gonna stop now before I get carried away.


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Ha ha, awesome dream. I love having dreams especially the one's that you get to do the things that you would probably never happen in real life:)

Tomboy for life

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Sounds like you had fun.

Sounds like you had fun. :)

Haha, that's an awesome dream. My dreams never make that much sense. XD