today,pretty brief hehe

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Sold my H.S. book back and got $55.25 for it(not bad),and then spent an hour and a half studying for my Final in the ML(and chatted w/a girl there from class whom I'd had never met til today hehe and we agreed that we're both nervous about the Final!). Then talked w/my 1 friend(the 1 I mentioned before,she's a runner but doesn't like walking hehe,she told me when she asked if I bike to school or drive a while ago,hmm,we don't even know each other's names ha), then took the Final(was 40?'s,not 135!). I think I did alright and am gonna have Jason(my brother in case i haven't said that before) look over the answers this time so I can know now instead of later what my score is. Hmm,I might get a bike,dk hehe.

Registered for classes for next semester and am taking: Human Sexuality(Psych),Sculpture,Art History and Math 100(*crosses fingers hehe*). I was going to take AH and S w/Foods for Fitness and Body Conditioning/Fitness as good tie in but decided not to(don't really 'need' them, you know?). Can just keep doing my HBC stuff and my workouts from kickboxing and that'll be good enough hehe(for the gaining muscle stuff).

I might start my Midterm Essay today since I won't talk to 'Vanessa'(my gf,not real name though for privacy) til 9 my time OR just jot some stuff down/read the book for info ...still need to print out the Study Guide(yeah,keep forgetting Computer Lab closes week before Finals,so go to library tomorrow)/do practice quizzes for it and study over the weekend hehe. I just got done eating my Bertolli shrimp scampi/linguine pasta(along w/Missy and my Mom),and am now listening to music/waiting for SEINFELD to come in 3 mins./(aka 'relaxing',except this time it's not including talking to 'Vanessa'(most times it is hehe,like this week:D),maybe tomorrow will be more 'normal' hehe)/eating Cheetos and Doritos for a snack hehe.. Anyone here watch that new TNT show Leverage? I saw the past 2 eps and it's not bad . Songs that I have heard over the past few hrs.:
Panic at the Disco-Thnx For The Mmrs
Evanescence-Bring Me To Life
All American Rejects- Gives You Hell
LFO-Girl On TV
3 Days Grace-Never Too Late
Stone Temple Pilots-Creep
Killswitch Engage-Holy Diver
Alter Bridge- Before Tomorrow Comes
Another Animal-Broken Again
Course of Nature-Anger Cage
Dark New Day-Pieces

EDIT: Oh,now the time's right? Hehe whatever ha.


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I love Doritos:D

I love that song by Three Days Grace. Evanescence and Stone Temple Pilots are also awesome. Awesome taste in music:)

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But I'm only a fan of some of 3 Days Graces songs and that's the only STP song I like hehe. I am a fan of Evanescence though(like mostly all their singles/their other songs on their 2 albums I own).