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So, tomorrow(actually today since it's 12:30 am here) I'm going to my appointment with this woman so we can discuse my options for work and/or school. I'm kind of nervous/scared about it because like I don't even know what to say. I have no drive or want to go to school. It's not for me. I'd like to take the workshop they have that helps figure out what kind of job you would be good at. Like I know someone who is finishing up the work shop now and she said her dad took it after the buisness he had been working in went down hill and they lost everything. He was self employed so he really didn't have any work history to put down on a resume or something. So, he took the course and is probably going into bartending. And accourding to her, once you figure out what you want to do they place you in a job so you can test it out to make sure it fits well with you and you like it. That's so cool to me. Like that would be awesome. Cause I'm like scared, I have low confidence when it comes to what I can do work wise. Cause I've never really worked. So, yeah I'd like to do this work shop I think it would be so helpful. This girl I know that is finishing up the workshop, she's thinking about doing data entry AKA boring office work. Ha ha. She knows it too but anyways. She figures she'll try it out and make some money to help out until she goes college.

Anyways, wish me luck for tomorrow:)

P.S. I love these Danish butter cookies that we always buy at Christmas time. They are delicious:D