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Just got off the phone with my mother, i'm living alone no parents around and she still gets to me...

Don't get me wrong, i love her, i (usually) have a good relationship with her but when she's angry or tired or sleepy she takes it out on the world, and today the world turned out to be me. She hanged up on me.

Ok, maybe i wasn't the nicest son and she's never been quite fond of my sense of humour but i swear i meant it as a joke...

Anyway, i'm sick, literally. Last night, in between dreams, i remember freezing and thought that if i coughed my lungs would pop out.
And all day long my lungs have been poping out.
So i've spend all day under blankets and drinking tea. Love Twining's chai blend voyage whatever.

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo, i've found this really nice illustration of a fox's head and i just feel it fits me, though it may be a little hard to get it tattoed, is made of a zillion of really tiny orange/golden lines.

I'd put a link to it but first i've to made my mind about it and then get artist's permission, which i think will be kind of a drag.

But, trust me, it's lovely. It's like this indie peaceful wise mysterious fox with a necklace around his head.

And yeah, there's this other matter that i wanted to post here 'cause i could use some advice but i think i'll write in a new entry.

(as if by "matter" no one could tell i'm refering to a guy...)