10 things I want to do before I die

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1.Fall in love(Kiss in the rain, make love on the beach, and lots of other great cheesy things:P)
2.Have my own family(Probably adopt)
3.Find a job that I love
4.Take a road trip with someone special
5.Learn to surf and get better at snowboarding
6.Go camping again
7.Adopt a dog and/or cat from an animal shelter
8.Learn to play the guitar well and write at least one song
9.Go to a rock concert(Yeah!!!)
10.Have my own cottage

There's my list. I had to do it for my job workshop/class thing. We do some odd things in that class but they're usually interesting so that's good.

On another completely random note today I had a day off so I spent sometime fooling around on Facebook trying to make my own Bumper stickers and so I made some South Of Nowhere ones since I couldn't find any on there already.

And I put some holds on CDs at the library. So, when I go tomorrow I'll have a Tool CD, 2 Evanescence CDs, an Alice In Chains CD, and a Missy Higgins CD waiting for me....Yay!! New music!