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To many tabs open all at once!!!! I have four. I'm not kidding. Two for the same website, one for oasis, and then one for a story I'm reading. Its crazy. Anyway, I have a cold. Like for reals, it sucks. I've been sick twice during my winter break. How unfair is that? No, like for real, during the first couple days of winter break I had that awfull stomach bug, and now I have a horrible cold. I hate my immune system. Unless I miss the first day of school, in which case I love my immune system. Especially if I happen to have procrastinated on my essay. I don't fake sick, but, if I am sick, and the opportunity arises, it really would be better for me to take it easy today, wouldn't it? No, I'm just kidding, although I wouldn't mind one more day of break, no, its just I don't want to do my type up my essay when I feel this way.


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11 tabs, after cleaning up.

11 tabs, after cleaning up. HAH.

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vitamin C??? sounds

vitamin C???
sounds gooood.
good luck getting your essay done though :)

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Take some zinc yo! 5 tabs

Take some zinc yo!

5 tabs open. 1 facebook, 1 dictionary, 2 wikipedias, 1 oasis. Early I had like 20. Not kidding either. Kind of lagged me computer (On a live-cd... Installing a package friggen lags the shiznet outa this beast)

Hope you get better!