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Have you ever been to Brazil?: nope
What about China?: nooo
Do you judge people on what they wear?: sometimes
Are you laid back or uptight?: laid back
What do you like to quench your thirst with?: soda,milk or juice
Can you tell military time?: some
Are you high maintenance?: noo
What was the last thing you laughed at?: something said over the phone
Do you like Underoath?: no
What is the origin of your name?: from TV character
Are you having any online conversations, currently?: yeah
Do you say "lol"?: no
What do you hear right now?: music + fan
Is there anyone you are head over heels for?: maybe,dk,think its mutual or getting there maybe,idk....
Would you ever write a ransom letter?: no
Do you go to the gym regularly?: no but do workout(more since it's 1 of my Resolutions this year)
Who was the last person to talk to you via texting?: Kati
What exactly did you talk about?: general stuff
Finish the sentence.
My best friend...: is not here
I secretly dance to...: music I like
My crush has...: been in my dreams/daily life
I would like to vacation in...: Greece
It annoys me when...: certain things happen

Do you have any hip hop on your iPod/MP3?: like 2 songs
What was the last movie you say in theatre?: Changeling,movie was awesome
How many windows do you have open currently?: 0
How many tabs, if any?: 0
Are you a multitasker?: yeah
Do you like short, medium, or long hair?: any
Speaking of which, do you have extentions?: no
Have you ever been a cheerleader?: no
Do you have a MySpace?: yeah
Are you currently looking forward to anything?: yeah,a couple things
What is the last thing you said to your best friend?: dk,was a year ago since last talked
Are you single, taken, married, or none of the above?: taken
Bullet For My Valentine or Avenged Sevenfold?: Avenged Sevenfold
How are you feeling right now?: good
Who was the last person you told to shut up?: dk
Do you have plans for tonight?: watch Chargers game,eat dinner and talk to my gf:D
Lostprophets: Yes or no?: yes
Do you like iced tea?: rarely but its good
Any birthdays coming up?: yeah
Last time you drank Coca-Cola?: yesterday
Your choice of lyrics to end this?: Hollywood Undead-Undead lyrics

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