Because I'm bored

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Favourite Places
Continent: North America....Someday i'm gonna go to Europe, though
Country: Canada...Someday England
State/Province: Ontario
City: Haven't visited any cool ones yet... Toronto? Not.

Favourite Misc.
Fruit: None:P
Celebrity: Natalie Portman!
Animal: Dogs
Drink (non-alcoholic): Water, Root beer, Orange crush,
Drink (alcoholic): Don't drink...Champagne is Nasty!
Vegetable: potatoes

Which One?
Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate: Depends, ice cream:Chocolate... Cake: Vanilla
Edward, Amit or Jasper: Edward...I guess
Rosalie, Bella or Alice: Alice cause of The L Word!!!:P
Automatic or Manual: I can't drive
East Coast or West Coast: don't know...I live in the east but i might live in the west some day
Mac OS X, Windows or Linux: Windows cause that's what I got
Chemistry or Biology: Biology...i guess

Do/Did/Have You?
Listened to the sing "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga: Yup, it's alright
Vote for Obama: Nope I live in Canada
Driven Illegally: Again can't drive
Skipped Class: All the time in Grade 12
Skipped School: Ditto
Sex: Not yet
Eaten Tofu: Nope