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Ok, so I just got back from C's house. It was so amazing. So C has a friend, lets call her B, and shes a lesbian. Awesomness. So we were going to go see Milk, but we couldn't because me, C and B are all under 18, so we would need someone over 18 to not only buy us the tickets, but also go see it with us. Why? Because my town is crazy stupid! So instead C, B and I walked to C's house and watched 'Boys Don't Cry'. Crazy depressing movie by the way. We didn't watch that much of it though, it was sort of just playing in the backround. It was so amazing. Another girl was there, shes bi, and shes really cool. Lets call her D. Wow, I just call all my friends by the first letter of their names.

So we all just mess around, like poking each other's boobs and saying 'Boob'. Its so funny. We just mess around all the time. So we were doing weird stuff, C was laying across me, B and D. One of C's dogs was laying on the couch as well, so C was sort of laying on her as well. So we would like dare each other to do stuff, and it was hilarious. And then C dared B and me to kiss for ten seconds, and we did, but we like didn't stop. It was amazing. Shes really good looking, but I don't really know if I like her that way. But shes really cool, and we're probably going to hang out more this weekend. Its funny to think that I only met B yesterday. But I did. Although it six minutes I won't be able to say that anymore. But shes really cool. We had so much fun. Well, I really have to go to bed now, so I'm not going to write more.


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sounds like an interesting day(te) lol. but why couldn't you see milk? i know it's rated r, but you legally only have to be 17 in the states to get into an r rated film w/o an adult. also, couldn't you hit up an older friend or pull a "hey mister" or a hey mrs. and get someone older to buy them for you, but i would highly recommend seeingit. milk was a good movie.

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Hahaha NIIIICE. (Dude, from

(Dude, from the setup I was totally expecting a crazy threesome...)

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