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Are still missing?

Last night I had an amaaaaaazing dream. Amazing. I was in a swimming pool... swimming when Vic comes up and starts kissing me. At first I was surpised (in the dream) but I start kissing her back and then it gets a little more intense and I start kissing along her jawline and down her neck and across her collarbone and it was nice :). The end.

Last night I wrote this essay for religion. Comparing Native Spirituality and Islam. It's for the I.S.U. It's an ok essay, I may or may not post it... Last night I kinda did a bad thing... and I've noticed that I keep beginning all my sentences with 'last night' and it's bad writing so I'll stop. The bad thing that I did was I had a small emotional breakdown and cut =\. This entry is actually very poorly written. So I'm stopping now.