Estoy aburrido

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I think that means I'm bored but idk for sure... If it doesn't then forget I ever put anything ;)
So I haven't been on here since the whole update thing took place and at first I didn't understand why everyone's journals where so short. And then I went to comment on one and realized you have to click on them now to read the entire thing. Go me, I'm so clever..

School got cancelled today. All activities where cancelled afterschool yesterday too, including my basketball game. This will be the second time that game has gotten cancelled due to weather.
I even straightened my hair last night because I got bored and didn't have anything to do for once. Atleast doing that made me realize I like my hair curly more than I do straight. Plus you don't have to worry about it curling from the rain or something.
Yup so now I get to sit around the house all day unless my dad lets me go to the mall later. But I don't see that happening b/c the roads are kinda bad.


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:) yeah, that means your

:) yeah, that means your bored. way to go! hmm, if your dad DoES let you go to the mall, be careffffulllllll. ice is dangerous O.o. ..I know someone who died because of it just this week :\

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Yay i got it right! I'm in

Yay i got it right! I'm in Spanish 1 so ya I'm not very fluent yet.
I'm sorry about your loss. And I didn't end up going because my dad wouldn't let me.

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UGH! We never fucking have

UGH! We never fucking have snow days! We've had ONE this year. I live in the middle of Vermont. Do you know how ridiculous that is? I'm like 5-10 miles from the friggen 45th parallel. We should've had at least three snow days, but all of Vermont's administrators are lunatics.

I love snow days... I go skiing most of the time that they happen too!

you're lucky...

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Ooh that sucks. Well the bad

Ooh that sucks.
Well the bad thing about snow days is that you have to make them up at the end of the year. My school has to make up 3 already. :(

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We had snow once about 8 years ago but I hadn't moved here yet. Where I used to live we would get snow every couple years (about 2 inches) but it was never during school.

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