Everything You Didn't Want to Know About HIV, But Need to Know Anyway

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Hi peeps! How are you, my spongy, little yellow friends?

This is just a quick intro to my upcoming series on HIV/AIDS and other STDs (which of course stands for Shouldna Touched Dat). It consists of the link to my Oasis interview with Jeff from about two years ago, which has a significant section about how HIV/AIDS has impacted my own life over the years, and how my stupidity nearly snuffed me. I'll probably be going over some of the same points again in the later posts, but this is a good place to get a head start learning where I'm coming from on this and some other issues.

Here's the link:

CAUTION: If you are offended by occasionally frank and explicit educational materials...GET OVER IT!!!

You need to know this stuff. Just blush and giggle self-consciously at the appropriate situations as they arise (now that, I swear, was unintentional). If for no other reason, you should at least tune in for the titillation factor. You won't find much in this interview, but I've got some pointers that require going into a certain level of detail later on. Plus I want to set an example for you so you won't be embarassed to ask pointed questions (don't go there).

Now I'm joking to some extent. It won't be all that bawdy, but as you may have already discerned, I am a pioneer of that new and highly controversial teaching method known as "Telling Kids the Truth". I feel no shame or guilt about that whatsoever. Just don't tell your parents.

More soon.


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We should chat first.

Assuming I'm employed after mid-March, I'll be putting more money into this and another site I run, which will have more opportunity for resources and educational content.

If you want to start now, my advice is to write Q&A format, so each post flows like that. Just a:

Q: Do I need to use a condom for oral sex?
A: Blahblahblah.

That will give us more flexibility than something more narrative. Then use the feedback you get through comments to refine the answer.

You can do what you want, of course. Just saying that would work best for future re-use. :-)

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I know that would be better.

I know that would be better. Perhaps I could do some combination of Q&A and some other list format, as some of the things I have in mind would look quite silly as a Q&A. I see your point, though, so I'll keep it in mind before I start on one of my rambling narratives. In any case, I'll be happy to rewrite anything you want to fit whatever format you develop later on anyway, so no worries there.

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