Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

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I'm playing that song on my new guitar right now. My newold guitar I guess I should say. I bought it off of my friend yesterday for a hundred bucks. It's an ok guitar. Not super amazing or anything. Fender stratocaster. It's so fun though. I love electric guitars. I find them so much easier to play than acoustic.

All I've done today is sit around and play guitar and let my sister play (which was kinda on the annoying side, never give that girl an amp). Oh, I also walked to the grocery store and bought lemonade and pineapple juice because I was really really thirsty.

Yesterday I went to the movies with Verity and saw Twilight. We were so late on that one hahah. It was an alright movie. I was ready to leave halfway through though? Why? Because I get extremely restless in movie theatres. Why? I have no clue. I just can't sit still/don't pay attention/fidget/get tired of being there. I can watch movies at my house perfectly fine. It's just movie theatres. It's Weird.

ALSO, let me say how incredibly CUTE Alice is! HOLYYYYYYYY
What a babe.


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cool, I still haven't seen

cool, I still haven't seen that movie, but I'm glad to hear Alice is cute because she's my favorite character in the books.
and I only play acoustic guitars because I'm lame. ha, no, I just haven't had time to get an electric one. Glad you're having fun with it though :)

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she is my favourite as well

she is my favourite as well :)

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