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Could not have come fast enough this week. It was so long.

Basically me and Vic have this thing going on where she'll say hi and I'll say hi and then we'll smile at each other and hold eye contact for a while. Or when there is a lull in conversation we'll smile at each other and hold eye contact. We don't even hold eye constantly when we are actually speaking, then when there is silence we do. And it's not awkward. I told Nikki and she was like "NORMAL FRIENDS DON'T DO THAT". But I don't know, I feel like I'm thinking about it too much if you know what I mean. Anyone know how to tell when a girl is intersted in you? For future reference? Because honestly, I'm one of the most unperceptive people when it comes to this.

Once Verity saw a conversation I had with Maddie a longggg time ago and at the time I thought Maddie was telling me to back off and Verity said "SHE WAS PRACTICALLY ASKING YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH HER!" So there you go. Hopeless :P


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no, I'd have to say normal

no, I'd have to say normal everyday friends who just have normal everyday friend feelings for each other don't hold eye contact and smile for a while during silence.

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I completely disagree

I often have conversations with my normal everyday friends that include a lot of holding eye contact and smiling. Maybe I just have abnormal friends.

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