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So in my AP Govt class we had to write a bill over the course of the semester and now we're presenting them. Somebody and their partner (for the project) wrote a bill on gay marriage but they haven't presented yet and I'm totally anxious to hear what they say and whether they're pro or anti-.
There's this guy who I've known since 6th grade who I used to hate (in 6th grade) but now don't but he's completely driving me crazy. Somehow he missed the portion of life where they teach you how to not be completely socially awkward. He got reported for sexual harassment because he has a crush on a girl and didn't seem to realize that taking multiple rolls of pictures of her during photography class is kind of stalkerish. Anyway, I'm one of his few friends at school and I keep avoiding him because I don't know how to react around him anymore and I feel terrible about it but...
My friends came back to me. I haven't seen them in a week (we normally eat lunch together) and I was starting to think that it was a second semester (almost) senior thing (they're juniors) and so they were avoiding me. But they weren't. Yay.
Tonight will be amazing: I get to make noodles with peanut sauce tonight and its going to be heaven.


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YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D lol YAY!!!!

you'll have to tell me about the bill, how it turns out.

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