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I said this on the Prayers for Bobby post, but just so everyone knows, the person who opened an account and spewed that hateful, homophobic pseudo-religious shit has been deleted, along with his/her vile comment. This site welcomes many different points of view, but hatred and intolerance are not among them. Anyone who runs across one of these people again, please PM either me or Jeff, okay?


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i missed it! i woulda ripped him a new asshole.

oh well....thanks for taking care of it guys.

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You know, I actually

You know, I actually considered leaving it and letting you guys have at the creep, but some people here (particularly some newbies) can be pretty emotionally fragile when they arrive, so I decided that it was best to get rid of it. There will be plenty of chances to rip new orifices out there in the world, and I know many of you Oasis veterans will do a great job of it when called upon. ;)


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No need to comment on haters or spammers, since they (and your comments) just get deleted in the process.

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i hate tomatoes...
death to tomatoes

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What do tomatoes have to do

What do tomatoes have to do with it?

Anyway, I entirely missed the derogatory post. It's great that you got on top of it so quickly.

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only like....everything

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okay...so i met this person who told me being gay was like being a pedaphile and incest. she started saying if we dont cross the line at man and woman, is it okay for a 12 yr old to be with a 50-some year old. what do i say to that?

and then i had this one other person who i came out to in the evening and the next day said to me "are you still gay" why is the world so ignorant?

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Next time

When some one asks me if I am still Gay I always answer the same..."Yes, are you still str8?"

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Prayers For Bobby

I am trying (for the third time) to watch this movie. It is very difficult because a lot of it is reminiscent of my own experiances with this issue. Which took place around the same period. I sometimes dont know for sure who is braver, the one who has the balls toend it all or the one that decides to stick it out and deal with it.

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Makes me wonder

WHY THEY WOULD WASTE THEIR PRECIOUS TIME IN THIS FORUM AREA? Maybe by trashing others, it makes them feel better about their own flaws....BULLY SYNDROME, huh? What made them come looking for a forum such as this one? HHHMMMMM....I know some people who trashed the lifestyle because they fought it off so hard...gets easy when you just accept it & know others are here for you!

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I'll never understand haters

I'll never understand haters because I love people so much. I can't even bring myself to hate the haters - just their actions, and the misguided and twisted upbringing that caused them to become haters in the first place. Nevertheless, they will not be tolerated or given a podium from which to spout their narrow, bigoted rants on this site. This is a place of love and acceptance. Diversity is welcome, but only those who can also appreciate that same diversity in others will be given a forum here. Let those others seek out the sites that traffic in their brand of hate and divisiveness. Unfortunately, there are plenty of them.


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"