Hmm... new error?

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Just noticed that the journals are abstracts on the front page, only showing the first 500 characters or somesuch.

This makes it good for the people who hate seeing long fiction and surveys, but it also shrinks down the journals.

Opinions? I think it is either or, so do most people want to read full-on posts on the front page, including surveys and long stuff? Or better to click into the stuff you want to read more of?


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I like it shorter. Be

I like it shorter.

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I only check my pms and such

I only check my pms and such through the interface so I never noticed. XD

(\/) I can haz cookie?

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Uhm... I usually look at my

Uhm... I usually look at my PM's, track my activity and then explore new journals via "recent journal entries"...

So, sorry, no opinion.

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I think it would be nice to

I think it would be nice to have an indicator that the abstract isn't the entire journal entry... but if I'm scrolling through the page (instead of using the list on the side), I'm usually looking for something specific, so don't want to scroll past ten pages worth of the other stuff.

So yes, shorter is better for me. :-)

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When there's more, it says "Read more" underneath.

When that's it, no "Read more" appears.

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