Homophobic teacher?

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Today was my first day back from break. I have a few new classes this semester and History is one of them. The teacher, Mr. D, is a d-bag. So he is explaining how the class will work and what not and then starts talking about our first chapter involving some anceint guy named Charlemange (sp?) and was talking about how he was all great and what not and then said something like "He was a hunk, if thats what the girls call it these days, but he wasn't into the women." And this kid, Jason who happens to be gay, in this class (my school's token fag. and I mean that as nice as possible) and this girl is like "oohh Jason!" and everyone laughs and then Mr. D said "Well that didn't help his greatness at all though" And I'm like woah! what? I don't think many other people heard it but I sure as hell did.

I. Hate. Homophobes.

Urgh... I have a feeling I might out myself in this class. And thats totally okay with me just as long as basketball is over, which will be like another month. Seriously, I'm not going to take that shit anymore. I'm so sick of being silent. If he or anyone in one of my classes makes a homophobic comment I'm going to say something.
And its sad that I never have before. I'm really ashamed of myself, I don't want to be someone who is closeted their entire life or doesn't speak their mind. Because its not like I live in a country where I will be burned on a stake if I speak out. This is America, although it isn't the best country, it does let me say what I want to and not be punished for it.


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Apparently I'm related to

Apparently I'm related to Charlemagne.. I guess homo runs in the family (lolz).

Fuck that shit. Speak up if he says something homophobic. Especially because he's a teacher. He's not there to push his god damn opinions on you, especially if they're opinions motivated by what seems to be a phobia, or at the least, an intolerance.

Hope all that crap works out.