I came out to my family.

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I finally did it. I feel exhausted. My sister was totally cool with it...everything is and always will be fine with her My mum...is acting weird though. She was so indifferent when I told her. No reaction. Just, "....and?" Which is good. She said she'll always love me and it doesn't change anything. But it freaks me out how TOTALLY not caring she is. Like..........nothing. At all. I expected more.

I don't think it has hit her yet. It will soon, I think. However, she keeps telling me to be really careful. Because I will be gay bashed, contract AIDS and never work as a teacher, EVER. (The teacher thing is just a warning to keep it on the down low.)

But still.....hmmmm.

I'm so glad I did it though.


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Congratulations! That's

Congratulations! That's awesome. As to the warnings - I know a lot of openly gay teachers, I haven't been gay bashed since high school, and that was before I even came out. I did contract AIDS, but that was pretty much my own fault. Be careful. Keep the gloves on and sex will be no more dangerous than anything else.

Your mum may be in shock. Be patient with her if she starts to get goofy. Many parents do. In some ways, it's harder on them than on the kid.

Well done, sweetie. I'm happy for you.


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dude, congrats on that!

'bout friggin' time. lol. btw, what? can't be a teacher and be a homo? please dude. teaching is one of the most open-minded, 'mo populated jobs out there, take it from a kid who was raised in a pro- NEA environment and by a teacher. lol. your mom is probably dealing w/ it in her own way, or in complete denial. but her reaction is more common than you might think. well, anyway, congrats on coming out! that's awesome dude.

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Congrats, babe.

You had time to process everything and decide when to tell mom. She didn't get that option. So give her some space to work through things in her own time.

Of course, there is always the possibility that she's known for so long, and it's so obvious, that she didn't understand why you needed to come out. :-)

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Hey well done!!

Hey well done!! Congrats!!Enjoy the outness =]

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congrats!!! :D that's

congrats!!! :D that's totally awesome!

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But my school librarian is

But my school librarian is openly gay... And her wife works at the school too. (I think she's a counselor but I'm not sure.) XD

I mean, my Aunt has had openly gay teachers too, and that was in the 70's (I think) so... Yeah.

Also, congrats. Coming out to your family is a big step. :)

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Congratulations!! In my


In my school there's two openly gay teachers and the husband of one of them always directs the school play. Most kids don't care, I think.