I watched........

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I watched Juno and The Other Boleyn Girl. They were both pretty good plus I got to watch them free cause I borrowed them from the library:)

I also got The Dark Knight, which I attempted to watch a few hours ago but couldn't cause I was too frustrated and pissed off with what's been going on lately. My dad's attitude is starting to really affect me and it sucks. I hate being in a bad mood. That's not me. I can usually almost always calm myself down and look at the bright side of things but this time it's the surrounding that I'm in that's doing it to me. It's times like those that I need to grab my MP3 player and take my dog for a walk but it's SO cold out that it makes it almost impossible.

Anyways, my mom saw that I was really down and not in a good place and said "Well, wake up tomorrow and we'll go shopping" See hours before that I had asked her if tomorrow she'd go with me to the store so I could spend my gift cards(That I got from family for Christmas) and she said "Oh, I don't know. It supposed to snow again tonight....blah blah blah" I've been bugging her to go with me for a week or two but there's always an excuse. So, I guess if I want her to go with me somewhere I just have to have a breakdown, that's all.