If you Insist...

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1.Who kissed you on new years?
My then best friends, Steffi and Steph.

2.Did you have a new year's resolution for 2008?
To put everything I possibly could into making her mine. Which, I think I did.

3.Does it snow where you live?
Not often.

4.Do you like hot chocolate?

5.Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop?
No, but I have been in NYC on New Year's Eve.

6.Do you ski or snowboard?

1.Who was your Valentine?

2.When you were little did you buy Valentine's for the whole class?

3.Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not?
Not really. I like groundhogs though.

4.What did you get for valentines?
Candy and cards and flowers.

MARCH 2008
1.Are you Irish?
The green eyes and freckles weren't a good enough hint?

2. Do you wear green every year on St.Patrick's Day?
Of course.

3. What did you do for St.Patrick's Day?
Wore green??

4.Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?
Yes and no. I like the cold because I like warming up.

APRIL 2008
1.Did you like the rain?
Yes. And dancing in it.

3.Did you get tons of candy on Easter?
Not really.

4.Did you celebrate 4/20?

5.Did you love April '08?
No. Although I did have an encounter with a really, really hot guy.

MAY 2008
1.What is your favorite flower?

2.Finish the phrase "April showers":
provide an adequate (sp?) source of water for the blooming of may flowers.

3.Did you celebrate May 24th?
What is that? Memorial Day?

4. Was May anything special to you?
Events that took place that month are still affecting me now. Besides that, not really.

JUNE 2008
1.What did you do for Fathers Day?
Hugged my Dad? And made him a card? I think...

2.Did you do anything fun during this month?
I went to Germany.

3.Have a favorite baseball team?

JULY 2008
1.What did you do on the 1st of July?:
Went to class, rode bikes around down. Drank.

2.Did you go to the fireworks?
In Germany.

3.Did you tan in the day?
Um. No.

1.Did you do anything special at the end of your summer?:
Field Hockey?

2.What was your favorite memory of summer?:
Hanging out with Helen.

3.Did you go to the pool a lot?

4.Was this the best summer yet?

1.Did you attend school?

2.Do you like fall better than summer?
I like them differently.

3.Anything special about September to you?
I actually like school then.

1.What was your last Halloween costume?
Poison Ivy.

2.What is your favorite candy?
Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

3.What is your favorite thing about this month?
The scent.

1.Whose house did you go to for Thanksgiving?
My own.

2.What was your favorite thing about November?
Thanksgiving break.

1.Do you celebrate Christmas?
Yes. Religiously more than comercially.

2.What are you thankful for?
Family, Friends, Health, Clean water, Air to breathe, space of my own, my education.

3.Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?
Sadly not. Huh.

4.Get anything special this year?
A goat was donated to Heifer International in my name. It's a really cool organization. I also am going to give my friend this awesome Karma Sutra book with her and her boyfriends faces in it. I'm excited.

5.What do you want this year?
To get better grades.

Where did you begin 2008?
At my friend Danielle's house.

What was your relationship status on Valentine's Day?
Single, but very much in love.

Were you in school (anytime that year)?

Did you have to go to the hospital?
No. I'm thankful for that.

Where did you go on vacation?
Germany... Kind of. i was an exchange student.

What did you purchase that was over $500?
A plane ticket?

Did you know anybody who got married?

Did you know anybody who passed away?

Did you move anywhere?

What sporting events did you attend?
Field Hockey games, Track Meets, school football games, a basketball game, an Ice Hockey game, hopefully one of my brother's Soccer Games...

What concerts/shows did you go to?
How To Succeed in buisness without Really Trying, The Talent Show, Much Ao About Nothing, 12th Night, some show that my friend was in, Chorus Concerts, Two Orchestra Concerts...

Describe your birthday:
Nothing mattered except for the card she gave me.

What has been your favorite moment(s)?
Every happy one spent with her, Germany, hanging out with my family...

Any new additions to your family?
My Aunt is pregnant.

What was your best month?
January through March.

What was your worst month?
April and May.

What music will you remember 2008 by?
Katy Perry.

Made new friends?
As always

Overall, how would you rate this year? outta 5 stars?

Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?
Steph's house, FH practise, Germany

Change your hairstyle?
I got my long hair cut to my shoulders in June.

Been naughty or nice?
A little of both, I would say.

Do you have a New Year's resolution?
Not really. I try to fix things as they happen.

Do anything embarrassing?

Buy anything new from eBay?

Get married or divorced?
I don't think I'm quite old enough...

Be honest - did you watch American Idol?
No. I only watched the Clay ones.

Did you get sick this year?
Not that I can remember.

Been snowboarding?

So much is every where right now. I need change. I feel that desire for something new pulsing through me at all times.